Why choose a Anti-burst yoga ball

Watermelon pattern yoga ball

We’d like to introduce yoga ball, an exercise ball also known as a Swiss Ball, most often used in physical therapy, athletic training and exercise. It can also be used for weight training.

It’s highly recommended to choose anti-burst yoga ball. Anti-Burst rated balls will deflate slowly and safely when punctured, rather than bursting suddenly like a balloon with you landing on your back as occurs with cheap, non Anti-Burst exercise balls.

Usually, yoga ball with polished shining surface are not anti-burst.  Anti-burst yoga ball has an alveolate foamed surface as in below:

Anti-burst yoga ball

We’re able to make anti-burst yoga ball 2mm thick as per requirement with safety doubled.

anti-burst yoga ball 2mm thick

Two hot selling yoga balls are available as below

1.Ribbed pattern

Ribbed pattern yoga ball

2.Watermelon pattern

Watermelon pattern yoga ball


  • Massage ball:  Full and half massage ball.

Full and half massage ball

  • With guide print around middle:

guide print yoga ball

  • Peanut Ball:

Peanut Ball

  • Mini Pilates Ball:

mini pilates ball

  • more yoga ball

Yoga Ball with Inflatable Ring, Resistance Bands

  • Hand pump and foot pump are available for selection.

yoga ball pump

  • Customized box for each one is welcomed

Yoga Ball Packaging

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