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yoga mats suppliers&manufacturer

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You can get quite a bargain from wholesale yoga mats suppliers if you are a yoga instructor who teaches up to 10 yoga students or more. Wholesale purchase provides a great advantage of having extra yoga mats and helps you reduce your operating costs. However, there are things to look out for and do when purchasing yoga mats.

What to look for The usual thing here is that the yoga mats used for practice depend on both the person using it and the style of yoga practiced. For instance, someone who likes Astanga Yoga would require an absorbent and durable mat. An individual who has joint problems in areas like the wrists or knees would need a thicker mat which provides extra cushioning. Other people prefer some form of versatility by using a mat that has a combination of rubber and fabric.

So, when you contact wholesale yoga mats suppliers, ask them for mats with longer lengths so that you have a convenient size for everyone coming to practice. After all, nobody would complain about having too much mat.

Using the Internet

If you are looking for wholesale yoga mats, the internet is a very good place to get them. The cost of a single mat ranges between $15-$100. Most wholesale yoga mats suppliers would offer purchases at the bulk price like for instance, $13 per mat for six mats. It is very important to search for and strike a deal with these suppliers.

Below are few options for wholesale yoga mats suppliers:


  1. Barefoot Yoga

You have the opportunity to become a wholesale customer and get a 10% discount off your first order. Although the company deals with standard mats and other accessories, they are also into eco friendly yoga mats wholesale which includes mats made from jute and other organic materials

  1. Yoga Direct

They are suppliers and manufacturers of yoga equipment which gives the customer a lot of options. There are extra long and extra wide mats, kiddies’ yoga mats, eco friendly mats, organic futon mats, scented mats and even more. Not only can we refer to them as eco friendly yoga mats suppliers but also printed yoga mats, wholesale suppliers. The cost of these mats range between $10 and $17 and the price reduces with larger orders.

  1. Sunshine Yoga

These guys deal with wholesale yoga mats supplies with the minimum order being 10 mats. You can even mix the colors of your choice and still get bulk pricing. The standard price is around $9 per mat with larger orders costing lesser. The extra-thick mats go for $10 per mat while larger supplies cost around $9 or less.

  1. YogaAccessories

If you are looking for anything that should be in a well-stocked studio, then YogaAccessories.com is the answer. You have a “Wholesale for Life” option which means that after your first purchase, you won’t be obligated to meet the minimum wholesale prices. You can request for free mat samples so you can get a feel of the mat texture and thickness before purchase. You have the economical option of purchase with a little price of $7.

  1. bhsyoga.com

The only Chinese supplier to be recommended, with a 21 year history, specializes in craft and customization of yoga mat, especially the TPE yoga mat, both in terms of quality and price

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