TPE yoga mat Vs PVC yoga mat

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What’s the difference between a TPE yoga mat and a PVC yoga mat

TPE yoga mats and PVC yoga mats are currently the two most popular yoga mats, many people are not sure which one to choose when buying. If you want to choose their own yoga mat, the first thing you should do is to understand the difference between the two materials of yoga mat, in order to help you choose the right yoga mat, the following small make up to tell you about the difference between TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat.

TPE yoga mat vs PVC yoga mat

The difference between TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat

  1. The main components of PE foamed mat are TPE, EVA and artificial rubber. The production cost is relatively high, the production process is high and the industry entry threshold is high. The product quality is good, the elasticity is sufficient, the softness and the anti-skid effect is high. Plastic free, easy to decompose, is the current more optimistic products, favored by environmental protection. TPE mats can currently be 10 mm thick. PVC foamed mat is more extensive, the price is relatively cheap, diverse colors, low production cost, simple process, easy to make according to customer requirements to do the logo, loved by the public.
  2. TPE cushions are more durable than PVC and last four or five times longer than PVC.
  3. We can’t worry about the skid resistance and elasticity after we bought the TPE mats. Because the cushion made of this material, its skid resistance, elasticity and its work is incomparable to PVC materials, even sweat can also skid resistance.
  4. The smell of the new TPE cushion can be dispersed, while the smell of the poor quality PVC cushion can not be dispersed. If it is the cushion of poorer quality, that flavor puts how many days also won’t disperse.

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After comparison, the TPE yoga mat is better. This kind of yoga mat has a very good environmental protection effect and can be recycled 100%, which is very good for the environment. Therefore, bhsyoga is very advocating that everyone use the TPE yoga mat.

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