TPE Rubber yoga mat, the best one we ever developed

tpe rubber yoga mat

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We would like to introduce our newly developed yoga mat – TPE Rubber yoga mat, TPE topped with a Natural rubber bottom, two eco-friendly materials combined together, making an even better yoga mat.

There’re some unique characters of TPE Rubber yoga mat make it stand out of those other yoga mats on the market.

1.A totally new materials combination on the market, TPE topped with the natural rubber bottom, both of which are eco-friendly.

2.The natural rubber bottom offers superb grip traction than pure TPE mat. And it’s the best choice for heavy use.

3.Pure TPE yoga mat curls up on one end when placed on the floor which makes it hard to lay flat while TPE Rubber mat can stick to the floor.

4.Compare with normal PU rubber yoga mat:

4.1 The TPE surface of high density can be made make much thicker and offer more cushion than normal PU surface.

4.2 It’s much easier to clean TPE surface than PU surface. Wet PU surface won’t get dry easily and will speed up the PU aging.

5.Compare to PU Rubber and Suede Rubber, yoga mat of the same thickness, TPE Rubber mat is much lighter and portable.

We can even make the thickness as thin as 1.5mm, making it a FOLDABLE yoga mat.  Easy to store in a pack bag or handbag and take yoga practice wherever one like.

It’s always wise to have one own private yoga mat to cover on the top of a public yoga mat in the yoga studio. A light mat can be the best option.

6.Compared to normal Suede Rubber yoga mat which performs better with suede surface wet, TPE Rubber Mat performs well under every condition no matter the surface is dry or wet.

7.Abundant textures options, all textures are achieved by long time flat pressing, making the textures even deeper into TPE surface with super anti-slip performance.

8.Like PU, TPE surface is perfect for laser engraving design, not matter alignment lines or other private designs.

  9.Anti-tearing mesh fabric goes between TPE surface and rubber bottom, making the yoga mat more durable.

Combining the advantages of TPE and Rubber yoga mat, light in weight and with superb traction, TPE Rubber yoga is surely the new best choice.

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