How to Choose a EVA Yoga Blocks

single color eva yoga block with white line

EVA Yoga block, offered in all different options and designs

The yoga block is one of many props born out of the iyengar tradition and used to teach proper alignment to beginning students and advanced yoga practitioners alike.

For beginners, yoga blocks can be used when the flexibility isn’t quite there yet, as seen in the above pose, transnational. For more advanced yogis, try it with revolved triangle pose.

Yoga blocks are made of foam, wood, or cork. They can be turned to stand at three different heights, making them very adaptable.

We would like to introduce the EVA foam yoga blocks, the most common blocks on the current market.

There are two common sizes of yoga block  3*6*9inch and 4*6*9inch.

3*6*9inch EVA yoga block4*6*9inch eva yoga block


Yoga block can be made in one color or many colors combinations.

  • The most common single color or with another color insert.

single color eva yoga blocksingle color eva yoga block with white line

  • Two colors, three colors and even more colors.

Two colors eva yoga blocksandwich eva yoga block

  • With Camouflage colors, which is also beautiful.

Camouflage eva yoga block

Besides to common yoga blocks, you can achieve your designs on them in many different methods that our factory has been offering.

  • Achieve colorful designs with full-size digital printing.

digital printing eva yoga block

  • Achieve a three-dimensional design with full-size UV printing.

UV printing eva yoga blockUV printing eva yoga block

  • Achieve an even more three-dimensional design with full-size embossing.

embossing eva yoga block

We’re able to manufacture high-density blocks as per request.

high-density eva yoga block

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