The Coolest Yoga Mat Designs

The Coolest Yoga Mat Designs

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If you are a yoga freak, things like outfits would no longer appeal to you the way yoga mats do. Of course, every person who practices it must have a yoga mat which gives that safety, comfort, and stability while practicing. Apart from this, you tend to spend most of your time on this mat and due to this, you need to have a high-quality mat with a cool design.

This has made companies focus more on yoga mat design during production, thereby creating customized mats with nice colors and funky graphics with patterns like geometric lines, flowers, and drawings on it.

Below is a list of some of the best yoga mats with very cool designs made just for you!

  1. Elephant Reversible Yoga Mat

This amazing mat is made by Gaiam, known for mats with gorgeous prints. This mat has two sides with beautiful designs. Therefore, you can choose either side of the mat whenever you intend using it. Thank goodness, the colors are bright! This mat is also thicker and longer than most yoga mats and you are sure to appreciate the yoga mat design on it.

  1. Baddha

Made by Mandala Atletica, this nice premium yoga mat has prints of dream-catchers along native American designs. You know what? It is the best eco yoga mat that you will come across! Apart from being a unique yoga mat, it also provides you the comfort that you need because of the cushion effect it produces. It is lightweight, which makes it easy to be carried about.

  1. Amethyst Traditional

Produced by Sophie Leininger, this is nothing short of a masterpiece. The Amethyst Traditional has a unique style due to the beautiful pattern of which its inspiration comes from traditional textiles. Its colors are vibrant, creating a calm atmosphere whenever you practice. It is thick enough to meet your needs and is also extra-long.

  1. Nirvana Pro Yoga Mat

This is a yoga mat that shouldn’t be missed because it is actually worth the price tag. This yoga mat can be used for both hot and steady classes because the material used to make it is of good quality. The thickness of this yoga mat is enough to protect your back and knees, and also produces traction to prevent you from slipping off.

  1. Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet is produced by Incline Fit and is very comfortable for yoga users. Also, it is a yoga mat with lines, beautiful colors, mandalas and geometric colors. This yoga mat would attract compliments from other yoga mat users who see you with it. Most people are aware that it isn’t easy getting a yoga mat that is well cushioned and well designed. Well, this is one mat with such features!

There are several yoga mats that come with unique designs along with the comfort, stability grip that they naturally provide. If you are the type who loves designs, then you should try getting any of the yoga mats listed above. You’ll surely not regret it!

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