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5 Benefits of a Yoga Wheel

Give your spine some love Have you ever used a block or a bolster beneath your spine for a supported heart opener? Take that great feeling, and then multiply it with a yoga wheel that’s round and can move with the contours of your spine. With that added benefit of movement, you can massage the spine …

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A Brief Description of Yoga Types

As is known, yoga is enjoying an immense renaissance across the world – we know about Bikram’s Hot Yoga, Lotus Pose, general physical pretzelling and so much about where to buy yoga clothes, yoga mats, even yoga gear for our pets! However, the history of yoga is rich and long standing and deserves some mention. …

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Yoga Benefits

There are many benefits from yoga practice and the resounding benefits of yoga cannot be quickly dismissed. Today we live a high-pressured existence in what can often times seem a surreal world; wellness will always remain a prime concern to us. At times we may sleep light because of our pain and this may be attributed …

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Benefits of Yoga Ball Exercises

It is a beneficial way to start out yoga ball exercises to promote muscle tones and balance. Primarily, this particular exercise promotes firm core muscles strength, which includes back muscles, abdominal muscles and muscles around the pelvis. Each core strengthening exercise must be done five times. And, as you get stronger, increase the repetition to 10-15 …

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