Yoga Ball Exercises Give You an Athletic Body

Yoga ball exercises, like all other exercises, are performed during the early hours of the morning, as per the yogic calendar chart. This is necessary in order for the exercises to be effective. Ball exercises are performed during the yoga sessions, and it gives the exerciser dual advantage. For one, the exercise gives the yogic effect, and second, the exercises are meant to strengthen the muscles.

The ball is especially designed for performing yoga ball exercises with the intention of increasing balance, flexibility, and over all body posture. You can select 65cm exercise ball to exercise. It should be clear in your mind that yoga exercises need perfect balance of mind and body, and further adding a gym ball to the exercise regimen will help achieve that goal.

For performing stability ball exercises, it is necessary to get a fair idea about the size of exercise ball. Small exercise balls are meant to provide greater stability and balance, and this makes all the difference. When performing Yoga ball exercises, it is important that you take care of the pressure that could result on other body parts. Stop exercising immediately, if you find that exercising is causing pain or aggravating the pain in the joints. You cannot keep exercising at the expense of the other muscles.


What’s more, you can easily perform squats with the small exercise ball, which is again a marvelous Yoga ball exercise. The exercise is simple to perform. You just need to stand and place your hands on the ball. Next, you squat down, keeping your knees behind your toes. Now, gently roll the ball out, while stretching your arms and chest. Gradually inhale and begin to straighten your knees, and simultaneously continue rolling the ball inwards. This easy Yoga ball exercise can be performed for 8-10 reps a day for better results.

Another effective Yoga ball exercise is known as Upward Facing Dog and Downward Facing Dog. After doing squats, lean on the exercise ball, and gradually bend the knees, and keep rolling the body, until you center your hip on the ball. By this time, your legs should be straight. Now press your hands over the surface of the ball and breathe in gently, and simultaneously lift the chest up, taking the head and hands up slowly. After a while, exhale and roll forward and then rest the hands on the floor as you gradually lift the body in an inverted V position. Next, straighten the arms, legs, and heels, while pressing the body over the floor.

Yoga type exercises are also designed to perform Spinal Rotation, Seated Stork Pose, Warrior I to Warrior II and Side Angle, Torso Rotation, Child’s Pose, Scissor Kicks and many more.

In addition, yoga exercises are designed to give you a supple, flexible, and athletic body, besides increasing the confidence level of individuals. Don’t forget that a good mind, a good diet, a good program is all that’s required to remain fit, and in a few weeks you will experience a change in your fitness level. Browse more information of yoga ball at bhsyoga.

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