What do you need for yoga?

Nowadays, yoga became increasingly popular in all European countries. But, do you know much about it? It is some kind of gymnastic unaccustomed, unconventional and healthy. It is a philosophy a way of relaxation. May be it is difficult for the western world to fathom a mystery of yoga philosophy but it is quite possible to join some yoga club with the view of health promotion.

So, you decide to try a yoga class at one of those yoga centers. What do you need for yoga? Is it important for a newcomer to buy all necessary equipment? Take your time! Size up a situation, may be yoga is not appropriate for you at all. It usually takes about six lessons to begin to feel the effects of yoga, so wait a little, lay aside the necessary purchases. At first you need only necessary: sensible clothing and a comfortable exercise yoga mat. When you find photos or drawings of those who invented yoga, you always see them sitting on some bare mountaintop without any mats. Do you want the same to be true for you? Leave your illusions, firstly you are not still an expert who can meditate sitting on the stones, secondly on such pictures inwardness of this school is meant.


Let’s not quarrel about this and pass on to the major question: what do you need for good yoga class? It is preferential to attend class on an empty stomach. If this is difficult at first time, a cup of tea or coffee, milk or fruit juice is allowable, but you should better get used not to be pressed with hunger. You can have a light meal per hour before class and a heavy meal per three hours. Take your hair back with headband, if you have long hair make a queue. Don’t wear heavy jewelry. Some advanced learners prefer to be without any makeup to feel harmony of mind and body.

Your clothing should be light, bouffant and from natural material. Take off belts, stay barefoot, but put your non slip toe yoga socks on and a warm sweater near by, you will need them for the relaxation period.

In general, all shops (including internet-shops) offer such a large selection of yoga mats and yoga equipment that you are sure to find what you need. Consult you teacher and choose it to your liking. You can find various yoga mat sizes, thicknesses, types and styles. The price ranges are also various. The basic term: you should feel comfortable. Don’t forget to choose the class for the beginners. Yoga is a hard case please, be reasonable person. Take care about you body health but on the other hand and if something goes wrong don’t give up so soon, try again.

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