Wear Yoga Socks during Yoga Practice

Have you ever considered protecting yourself from yoga practice? We step into an asana yoga practice to create mental, emotional, and physical balance through the movements. In hot yoga and yoga sculpt classes, sweat rolls steadily and constantly down our limbs. When we slip it’s easy to fall out of focus. And yoga grip sock with toes will help you stay put on your sticky mat, glide through transitions and settle deeper into your practice.

The five-toe design of our non slip pilates toe yoga socks maintains the integrity of bare feet so your toes can spread and provide a stable base from tadasanas to chatarangas, warrior Is to warrior IIs and beyond.


For a barely there barefoot experience, pair customized yoga socks with grip gloves. They’re like little yoga mats for your hands and feet that travel with you during every pose, anywhere.

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