Useful Information to Enhance Yoga Practice

One of the many advantages to practicing yoga is that it can be done by anyone of any age in just about any location. There’s no need for a lot of special equipment or accessories; especially for the beginner.

Many students find that as they continue to practice, there are a few items which enhance practice and make it even more enjoyable.

What to wear

Yoga students find that it’s best to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Shoes are not necessary; in fact the tradition is to practice yoga in bare feet. However, soft shoes or customized yoga socks work very well; especially if you are doing your yoga outside or in a cold room


Doing poses with an empty stomach will result in the maximum benefit. The recommendation is to not eat for at least three hours previous to beginning the session. Sinuses should be free and, ideally, bowels should be empty.

Drinking a glass of warm water about a quarter of an hour before you begin will put your body in an ideal state of hydration. Because fluids slow down the cleansing effect, it is best to NOT drink any fluids during the yoga session. If this is not possible, and you find you are thirsty during the exercises, you may take small amounts of water during the session.


There are a number of props, which can be used to help the yoga student, especially the beginner, attain more advanced poses. Straps, pillows, mats and blankets are all available to enhance the yoga experience.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat can be extremely beneficial to use while doing your poses. While it is not necessary, many students find a mat to be essential because yoga studios often have hard floors. A good mat, made with foam, keeps elbows and knees protected from bruising. Also, it makes a good barrier between your spine and the wood or concrete.


Another plus is helping you keep your balance during poses that require standing. It’s important to purchase a mat which offers good adherence to the floor; this will ensure you don’t slip.

Yoga Bolsters

These are big “yoga pillows” and they’re great for taking the pressure off your neck and back. Used behind the knees during bending poses, and between the knees when lying on your side, these are of great use to enable you to maintain more difficult poses. They are especially helpful for people who are limited in movement due to disability or injury.

Yoga Blanket

The detoxification benefits of yoga are due to body heat. This energy heat is what cleanses the body. A yoga blanket, used at the end of the session keeps the body at the temperature level necessary to ensure you receive the maximum heat benefit.

Yoga Straps

Think of these as a type of arm extension. With the help of yoga straps, even beginning students can attain more advanced postures. These assist with all types of poses, including twists, balancing, reclining and relaxing. Most of these are made from cotton or nylon.

None of the equipment noted above is necessary for practicing yoga. Using any or all of these will allow students to attain postures properly by safely modifying the poses.

If you are new to yoga, begin with a quality yoga mat and check with your instructor to find out what will be used in the class. As you progress, you will become familiar with the use of these accessories and you can determine

Last but not least, your props and equipment are not essential for practice, but they can make your life easier and your practice more enjoyable. Unlike other activities, there is no need to go out and get special gear unless you want to. Yoga is for everyone!

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