Use Yoga Mat with Yoga Towel

Nowadays, yoga towels are becoming increasingly popular in the Yoga community, providing an absorbent, safe, non-skid practice surface and many other benefits at an affordable price. Maybe You are looking for non slip yoga mat towel manufacturer now? A few major companies along with dozens of startups are already actively promoting and manufacturing this popular accessory. Before investing into this product, introduce yourself to this short guide.

What it is

A non slip yoga towel microfiber is a piece of extra-absorbent, super strong usually synthetic material similar to the one used in gym towels. The main purpose of this specially developed and rather expensive material is to absorb a lot of moisture while allowing air to pass through. A layer of non-skid coating is added to one side of the towel to make it grip to the yoga mat. The tiny silicon nubs of this layer attach firmly to the surface of any mat. Most towels follow this design with some variations.

How it fights bacteria

Yoga towel creates a hygienic layer between a mat’s surface and the practitioner by trapping mat’s bacteria in its fabric. Some towels feature antimicrobial fibers, ensuring their freshness for longer periods of time.


How it helps stability

The tiny nubs on one side of a towel grip securely to any yoga mat while the other side stays dry and sticks to the practitioner’s limbs, creating stability limited only by the fabric’s strength.

How it absorbs moisture

The towel’s material is designed to absorb large amounts of moisture. The absorbency of synthetic towels is unsurpassed by any natural material with similar characteristics. Trapping moisture in its cells, the material allows air to flow freely, effectively reducing the towel’s temperature and removing moisture from its surface.

What else it does

A yoga towel non slip is a great travel accessory that can be put on any mat and instantly make it your own, saving the trouble of traveling with a bulky yoga mat. Hot Yoga practitioners would appreciate their yoga towels’ absorbency during sweaty workouts and assure safety and comfort.

You can use a yoga towel when you are doing yoga. Consider using a towel as a companion to your practice, always offering extra protection from hygienic, safety and balance issues. While the price of high-quality yoga towels may seem high, consider all the benefits provided by this innovative accessory and its value will become apparent. Find more details about yoga towels at bhsyoga.

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