Use Non Slip Yoga Mats

Choosing the best selection of yoga mats greatly depends on your needs and style of yoga. Non slip yoga mats come in a wide assortment of styles and materials. For example, older individuals are usually more comfortable with thicker non slip yoga mats. Additionally, yoga mats come in various lengths, widths and of course thickness. Yet for many, the most important factor in yoga pads is the material of the mat itself.

Standard or Sticky

This is one of the most popular yoga pads. Sticky yoga pads or otherwise known standard non slip yoga pads, can be found at just about any major retailer. This type of yoga mat is popular, because it’s also cheap yoga mat available. Many beginners start with a sticky mat. Unfortunately, this mat is also the most harmful to not only the individual’s health, but to the environment as well. Major chemicals used to make sticky non slip yoga pads include lead, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), cadmium and phthalates. While PVC is an environmental toxin, the other chemicals increase the risks of health concerns such as the disruption of an individual’s endocrine system and much more.



For a healthier option there’s natural rubber non slip yoga pads. Natural means the rubber was made from actual rubber trees, not synthetically made. Not only are these mats safer for the environment, but they last longer than sticky mats. Of course that means they are also a little more expensive. Additionally, some individuals may not appreciate the strong order that rubber mats give off and if left too long in the heat or sun, these mats will deteriorate.

Travel Sized

A travel-sized yoga pads can be the perfect solution for those who want to practice yoga while away from home. Travel non slip yoga pads are easy to transport from location-to- location and are extremely light. The downside of this, is because travel yoga mats are meant for easy transportation, these mates tend to come with minimal cushioning.


While doing intense or action style yoga, like Ashtanga for example, cotton single layer yoga mats may be ideal. The reason for this is the cotton material will soak up the sweat produced during a yoga session. This in turn, prevents the individual from slips and slides on the mat. One should be mindful though if they are using cotton mats on hard surfaces, such as wood floors. While the student won’t slide around on the mat, the mat can easily slide on the floor which could lead to injury.

Jute and Cork

These styles of yoga pads are perfect for the environmentally conscious. And they’re usually reasonably priced. Other than that, many prefer not to use non slip yoga mats made from jute or cork. One reason, is these mats are extremely porous absorbs sweat and when the mat dries it begins to smell. Furthermore, jute or cork yoga mats are not as sturdy as the other yoga mats, which will require the individual to replace them more often.

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