The Introduction of Foam Roller

A high density foam roller also referred to as muscle roller can be a very helpful device for all individuals. It comes with advantages that make it essential in improving performance and the general quality of life.

  • It reduces the severity of injuries or the likelihood of the same when you use it to warm up. This is because it activates your muscles and allows the blood to start pumping through and minimizes injury chances and the severity too.
  • It decreases the recovery time after exercises because it mimics deep tissue massage. It works by improving the flow of blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and at the same time it aids the fast removal of toxins from the body improving the recovery time greatly.
  • It eases back pain, sore calves, runner’s knee and other kinds of pain. This is thanks to the focus on pressure points all over the body easily relieving the pain. You can use the foam roller for all types of pains and still enjoy quick relief.
  • The exercise roller for muscles helps in loosening tight muscles, relieves soreness and releases muscle tension just the same as deep massage does. You can control the intensity of the massage using a good roller depending on your needs.


Roller Types

When it comes to the foam roller, the market has a wide range of the same. It is of important to know your options before making a purchase so that you can select the best roller to serve all your needs.

EPE foam rollers – The rollers have a pool noodle surface finish and are relatively inexpensive because they are basically low in quality. They, however make very good introductory rollers so you can consider them if you are just starting with your use of the device.

EVA foam rollers – They have a smooth finish and are better in quality and durability compared to their EPE counterparts. EVA foam roller lower back is bit expensive and offers better massage results.

Molded foam rollers – These rollers are also smooth in finish and were introduced in the market recently. They last long and offer amazing massage experiences and can be termed as more effective than the EPE and EVA rollers.

Rumble rollers -They are presented in small flat square ridges and are smooth in finish and they tend to be the most intense in the market. They have a better reach on areas such as the shoulder and the hips making better choices.

Grid rollers – They have a flat square smooth surface that looks like a grid and are considered the best rollers currently in the market. The contours offer better roll compared to the generic brand and they are also incredibly durable.

Fitness rollers – Most have a honeycomb grid design and are quite effective. They are more like a combination of rumble and grid rollers only that the ridges are much smaller.

When choosing your muscle roller design, the structure of the roller, the size and all important features so you can select the most effective and the easiest to use.

A trigger point roller can be very beneficial to the body and muscles. When choosing a foam roller make sure you consider all features and the ease of use to have a pleasant experience every time. More yoga rollers are at hot sale in our company, welcome to visit bhsyoga.

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