The Condition You Can Use Thick Yoga Mats

Is a thick eco friendly yoga pilates mat for you? Answer some basic questions to see what type of mat, thick or thin is best for the way you practice yoga.

Yoga mats come in different sizes and thickness. The average mat is 24 inches across and between 65 and 72 inches long. All mats also come in two basic thicknesses. The typical mat is 1/8 of an inch thick. Thick yoga mats, which are sometimes called double thick mats are typically 1/4 of an inch thick.

Now that we got those boring facts out of the way, let’s help you choose the right mat for you! First ask yourself some basic questions. Where are you practicing the yoga – home, gym, outside or anywhere else you will have to travel to. What type of yoga will you be doing? What type of surface will you be practicing yoga on? Do your joints or hand and feet get uncomfortable on a regular mat?

First question – Where do you plan to practice yoga? This question is important because a non slip yoga mat thickness 5mm can be more bulky than a typical one. In fact the roll will be twice as thick. They are fine if you are staying home but can be somewhat of an inconvenience if you are traveling a lot with it.

Second question – Do you knees or hand and feet hurt on a regular mat? If they do a thick yoga mat might be the right choice for you. Thick yoga mats offer more cushioning and support for your body parts that are coming into contact with the yoga mat. Many people find the extra softness of a thick yoga mat more comfortable.


Third question – What type of yoga will you be doing? There are many types of yoga and they all of different requirements. For this article we’ll just keep to the basics. Astranga yoga, which is practiced at most gyms – involves a lot of positioning changes. If while doing you yoga you find yourself changing positions a lot or doing any other type of vigorous yoga – a double thick mat might be right for you. The extra cushioning of these mats will help cushion your body parts.

If you are older or your hand and knees start to hurt on the mat then a thicker mat might also be a good choice for you. The extra 1/8 of an inch might not seem like a lot but if offer twice the thickness of regular mat.

Lastly if you can try out different mats before you buy one, it will make choosing the right one easier. Even though the thicker mats might feel gentler on you body they are not as stable as the thinner mats. Because thin mats are so thin, they tend to be a little bit more stable.

Last but not the least, with these questions answered I hope you are much more comfortable the next time you practice yoga. Read more about yoga mats at bhsyoga. And you can also find EVA pilates foam roller here.

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