Some Assorted Yoga Accessories

After a thousand of years in existence, Yoga has become a beloved part of many lifestyles from many parts of the world. Yoga has evolved to become an effective form of achieving self balance that results to utmost health be it physical, mental or spiritual. While it’s true that you all you need is the desire to learn, yoga can move beyond solely fitness to become a much more advantageous way of life with the help of a few pieces of yoga gear.

Here are some assorted yoga accessories that you may want to consider:

Mats: Yoga mats provide traction so you’re not sliding around on a hard floor while doing your yoga poses. These come in different types of material. Be sure to understand the differences in rubber, synthetic, cotton and plant-based so you can choose what will work best for you.

Bolsters: These look like arches and are usually comprised of wood. They serve to provide spine support for your spine, as well as your stomach and legs, depending on the yoga pose.


Blankets: Yoga blankets bring the element of soft texture and comfort – vital in the mental practices associated with yoga for peace, focus, and relaxation.

Straps: Yoga straps are usually made from nylon or some blend of cotton. They’re made to work as an extension of your body by grasping onto limbs you can’t reach, allowing you keep your pose held longer, and adding to your overall flexibility.

While this yoga gear is not a requirement, we’ve found them to be valuable additions for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. They are immensely helpful in relaxing your mind and your body to achieve your ultimate yoga experience! Click bhsyoga to know more yoga gear.

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