Protect Yourself from Yoga

As a yoga enthusiast, the most important thing is that you should protect yourself from yoga practice. When you envision what it’s like when someone is doing yoga, you will typically picture them as in a pose, standing on one leg maybe and barefoot, but that look is changing recently due to a number of reasons. Some health concerns, and some performance based.

When dealing with yoga, you have to learn and practice it for it to become very effective. Some people do this at home, but a greater majority are learning and practicing yoga at public places, like gyms or yoga classes. When you do this, you will typically be assigned your very own mat, which is where all of it will take place. These printed sports yoga mats are typically cleaned, but not always, and not always as good as they should be. For the same reason you don’t walk around barefoot in every day life, the same holds true to why it might not be a good idea to be barefoot on these mats. Not to mention that not all of your time will be on the mat. You will definitely have times where you step off it.


That’s why more and more people are starting to use some sort of foot protection when doing yoga. This works great in keeping your feet clean and safe, but can also increase your flexibility by giving you more support during your poses and give you better exercise overall.

To avoid injuring of yoga, you can get regular yoga shoes or yoga grip sock, which are snug, tight fitting thick socks just for yoga, but they give your feet room to breath, and have a great traction grip on the bottom to keep your feet in place.

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