It Is Beneficial to Use Yoga Block

Nowadays, yoga has become the absolute rage for its holistic way of healing both physically and mentally. It is an extremely beneficial form of exercise which provides amazing results if done regularly and it addresses the physical, mental as well as the spiritual health of the individual.

Since yoga involves a series of bodily contortions, beginners may find it difficult to get into certain ‘asana’ or poses. Yoga props can be used as support tools to help you get into a particular pose and hold that pose longer. A foam yoga block is one of the props which can be used to ease you into a certain position especially if recovering from an illness or injury.

Yoga if not done in the right manner can prove counter beneficial because you may get into a wrong posture accidentally thus giving rise of risk of injuries. Yoga supplies can help mitigate this to a certain extent. It will not only provide assistance in difficult poses but also increase the comfort level in holding on to that pose.

The printed EVA foam yoga blocks provides that extra strength for doing certain asana without strain. One of the poses which benefits from the block is the ‘pincha mayurasana’ or the ‘feathered peacock pose.’


Yoga blocks can be made from a variety of materials like cork, bamboo which are also eco-friendly as well as the more usual foam. They are lightweight and are more often than not, sold individually but, for versatility it is advisable to buy two.

The blocks help improve the body alignment and are especially useful in standing poses which require one hand to be on the floor. They can work as great transitional aids while doing yoga. The foam yoga block will reduce the distance of the hand from the ground helping you to get the correct pose. They are also useful for some sitting poses.

The blocks made from cork are very sturdy and durable. The foam wedges are kept under the heels while squatting or under the hips while doing the forward bends. They help in making the pose more manageable and comfortable. They are also useful for avoiding too much inadvertent stretching or pressing the joints during poses like the ‘facing dog’ or the ‘upward bow’ poses. The foam block helps support the full weight of the practitioner’s body.

For tight hamstrings or a stiff back yoga block exercises help in lifting the pelvis up and lengthening and supporting the back making it easier to sit cross-legged on the mat. These blocks are also available in different colors to suit your personality.

For comfort and assistance during difficult yoga poses, a yoga block comes in very handy and for beginners it is almost indispensable. Click bhsyoga right now!

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