Get the best Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

Any interests in yoga? Yoga is a wonderful way to tone your body, relax, and reduce stress levels. When practicing yoga, a good yoga mat can make the exercises and stretches more comfortable to practice. And TPE fitness Pilates mats can also be used for doing yoga. However, many regular yoga mats are made with toxic plastics, such as PVC that can be making their way into the air during use. In order to protect yourself, consider using an eco-friendly version. There are many different types available and all work beautifully.

If you are looking for a mat that comes from a renewable source, consider using a natural rubber one. These mats are said to be eco-friendly because they are made from a rubber tree and are biodegradable. These natural rubber mats that are made from this are a great solution because they can be trashed and will break down when you no longer want them. These mats however, do contain natural latex, which is an allergy for some, so watch for this. If you are the type to break out, finding a synthetic version can solve the problem. These are a little expensive, but if you are going to be using yours over and over, it may be worth the price.

If you are looking for a plant fiber mat, there are several to choose from. Some plant fiber mats are made from jute, hemp, or cotton. Made from plants, these mats, like the ones made from rubber, are biodegradable. Some of these are even certified organic for the environmentally conscious consumer.


Another great choice for an eco-friendly mat is one made from alternative plastics. These mats are made to be environmentally conscious, however; they aren’t made from natural sources. Perhaps two of the most popularly used plastics to make best yoga mat that are eco-friendly are “PER,” or polymer environmental resin, and “TPE,” thermoplastic elastomer, both of which are synthetic. Neither of these are made with toxic substances like the ones made with PVC.

If you want to buy an eco-friendly yoga mat, there are many types to consider. If you don’t want to spend lots of money, an eco-friendly mat made of alternative plastics are a good choice. If you are a true nature lover, you may wish to get a mat made from the natural sources, such as cotton, hemp, rubber, or jute, are a great way to make an environmental stand. These tend to be a little more expensive, but if that is not an issue, these are a great way to be eco-conscious while doing your yoga. A combination that is sure to help you breathe deep and relax.

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