Foam Rollers-Your Health Practitioner

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Foam rollers, one of the forms of high density foams, are made from polyurethane foam. Ithas not been long since foam muscle roller exercises were introduced, but it is only recently that their benefits with reference to health and keeping oneself in good shape have been discovered.

Soothing Rollers

Foam rollers are used by many people for exercising purposes. Foam rollers work on a technique called self-myofascial release. This technique allows users to exert force through their own weight; and in reaction the roller resists that force. Thus, the body feels relaxed due to the pressure exerted by the foam roller itself.

These are mostly used by athletes and physical therapists in order to keep the body in proper shape. Foam rollers have proven to be extremely good in providing a relaxing massage to specific tissue exposed to the foam roller, and the entire body for that matter. It is actually a stretching exercise.

They are cylindrical in shape, usually with a diameter of 6 inches. The length, however, may range anywhere between 12 to 36 inches. Longer EVA pilates foam roller is usually used for back muscles. Moreover, there is a distinction on the basis of colors as well. Rollers of different colors are used for different muscle properties; some are particularly for softer muscles while others for harder ones.

Due to its properties, the foam roller allows one to exert the right amount of pressure to muscles that need to be exercised. This doesn’t harm the muscles by over-pressure because one always has the option of altering the amount of pressure. The results in the form of improved health are very visible in a short period of time.


Below are more benefits:

– One of the most prominent benefits of using a foam roller is the stable and better blood circulation. Users do not have blood pressure complaints being higher or lower than normal.

– Every muscle of the body that could be rolled upon the exercise roller for muscles is likely to experience a soothing and calming-effect. Apart from that, proper blood circulation also makes the skin, face, and muscles look good. So it doesn’t only enhance physique, rather beauty too.

– Another benefit is that the exchange of nutrients and waste products throughout the cells of the body is optimized. This too is in result of better blood circulation.

– Some people complain of stiff tissue and muscles surrounding the back bone or the spinal cord. For them, a foam is the right solution. It allows them to initially roll their back over the roller slowly; and then increase the pressure as well as the speed day by day. Soon they’ll notice an improvement in terms of rather flexible back muscles.

– Moreover, with the help of tubular shaped foam, one can practice various movements and postures in order to gain flexibility.

– Many a times, stiffness in muscles occurs due to inappropriate blood circulation. The proper use of high density foam has the potential to eradicate such problems.

– It increases the stamina.

– With reference to athletes, one major benefit is that it reduces the risk of serious injuries because muscles are made flexible. Besides, even if there happens to be an injury, it heals the back relatively sooner as compared to those of non-users.

Note: It is advised to go through the details regarding what type of roller suits you the most. Pay attention to details regarding its diameter, length, hardness/softness, etc.

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