Bohanson Yoga Mat – You Deserve to Have

After several uses of Bohanson yoga mat, I am happy to say that it’s actually the best I’ve ever used and my yoga mat which was gray and up to the point of this arriving was my favorite has been given away for someone else to use.

The first thing I noticed and was a big issue for me was that most yoga mats are notorious for curling up once you have unrolled them. Mine used to drive me nuts doing that! I had to stamp on it and twist it under several times for it to lay flat, most annoying when a class is waiting to start. This doesn’t do that, I unrolled it as soon as it arrived and it lay flat on the floor. I was ridiculously pleased about this, I thought ‘Finally! a Yoga mat that doesn’t curl up’ You’ve no idea how happy this has made me. This is great!

Oddly enough, as a person who enjoys color, I also love that its purple. Why? Because I was sent a superb purple yoga towel a few months back by someone else to review and this matches perfectly with this. I do like purple for my yoga gear now I must say. Though it also matches and looks good inside my bright gray yoga mat carry bag. I like things to look good.


Its long! coming in at an impressive 72″ long with a width of 2 feet (24″) and that should be big enough for most people. My husband also said when he saw me with it, that it looked like it would also be ideal as a sleeping mat under a sleeping bag as its nice and thick and with it being memory foam. I have to agree with him actually, so this is rather multi-functional too. A yoga mat or a kip mat – nice! And long enough to take a 6 foot sleeping bag on top of it.

The 1/4″ thick high density foam is so comfortable to practice yoga on. Fully supportive with no slippage (I do wear yoga socks though, as my feet can sweat terribly when working out) and if you press your hand into it, you’ll see how it springs back within a nanosecond. It really is excellent quality and I am so pleased with it.

The velcro strap is adjustable so that you can carry it by hand or fasten it around the rolled up mat with the straps closer together, thus making the handle longer and you can carry it over your shoulder. I’ll be carrying it in my yoga mat bag mostly, though, when I go out to a class. I will use the strap to keep it neatly folded inside my bag though as I also put my purse, keys, a drink and other stuff inside my bag too, as well as that purple non slip yoga mat towel I mentioned.

The mat is also designed to be moisture resistant which means you can wipe it down if you’ve been a bit sweaty, to keep it fresh and clean. Nothing to complain about here and lots to love. This is the best yoga mat I’ve ever owned and I am simply delighted with it. And I like the gray and it doesn’t curl up. More yoga items, visit bhsyoga.

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