5 Basic Things You Should Know for Learning Yoga

A number of newbies come to yoga class with such enthusiasm that really unprepared and end up dropping the class after a couple of sessions. Let this not happen to you and find out the basic things you need to know now that you have decided you’re learning yoga.

1 – Get Yourself The Right Yoga Clothes

Now you don’t have to buy the most expensive yoga clothes on the rack, you don’t really have to buy any new clothes actually. If you already have exercise clothes then might as well use them. The important aspects you need to consider is that the clothing you need to wear should be light, preferably from natural materials or from breathable types of fabric, allows great range of motion and will not restrict any movement. The key is to get you some sensible and comfortable clothing.

2 – Get Yourself The Right Mat

Most yoga studios rent out mats, but for hygienic reasons, you might want to consider buying your own yoga mat. I guess that you will like organic cotton yoga mats. What are you supposed to look for in a mat? First ask your instructor, he may be able to give you advice on which mat types best suite you. Then look into your own needs and decide on which best fits your body – look into proper size, thickness, styles and types. Of course you’d also want to put the price into consideration. Just make sure that whichever mat you decide to purchase, the basic purposes of mats are for cushioning and traction. You don’t want to get all bruised up from the different positions you’ll be doing, neither would you want your mat moving. This may cause you to lose your balance and cause major injuries. So pick your mats well.

3 – Ask About Props

Props such as yoga wheels, blocks, blankets, straps, and chairs are also rented or you may borrow them for free when in your class. These you can opt to just borrow, have a feel of your classes first before you actually purchase these extra props.


4 – Prepare To Attend Class On An Empty Stomach

With all of the various positions you will be doing, it is preferred if you attend class without breakfast. If this is hard for you, you may opt to drink a glass of tea or coffee, milk, fruit or vegetable juice. Ask your teacher for options if you really need to eat before a class starts.

5 – Look And Feel The Part

Looking the part simply means keeping yourself clean and natural looking. Keep your hair away from your face and tie your hair or use a head band while learning yoga. This will help you do the poses easily without having to continuously clear your eyes and face. Avoid wearing jewelry and if you can, don’t wear make-up. Looking natural makes you connect more easily with nature – your mind, body, and soul.

Learning yoga may be confusing and difficult at first and it may take around 6 lessons before you and your friend start to feel the positive effects of yoga. Don’t give up too quickly and keep at it! The rewards will be far too important than the complications you and your friend might experience. You already know the basic things you need when learning yoga, good luck and enjoy your classes!

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