Affordable Eco-Friendly TPE Yoga Mat

tpe yoga mat

Have you considered upgrading your yoga mat from UN-environmental mats which made of NBR or PVC? People become more concerned about environmental protection, especially for the health of next generation.

Yoga mats made using material such as EVA, NBR, PVC and Eco-PVC are not decompose, hence not real eco-friendly.

Why bother for an eco-friendly?

Simple, if it harms the Earth, it harms your health!

Then why not try TPE yoga mat as it’s eco-friendly and affordable?

TPE yoga mat

What is TPE material ?

Referred to as thermoplastic rubbers, are a class of co-polymers or a physical mix of polymers which consist of materials.
Thermoplastic elastomer show advantages typical of both rubbery materials and plastic materials and can be recycled and reused which do no harm to environment after discarding.

TPE yoga mat

Advantage of TPE yoga mat:

Mainly composed by thermoplastic elastomers and other material, closed-cell foamed under high temperature which makes it anti-microbial and easy to clean.
This mat is Eco friendly with the characteristics of non-PVC, non-toxic, non-heavy-metals and non-irritating odor. Its good elasticity, durability and light weight make it suitable for travel and household use.

Check out what we can offer to customize your own yoga mat.

1.Two colors layers for the front and back side

double color TPE yoga mat

2.Camouflage color yoga mat

3.Silk screen print your design on yoga mat

4.Laser engraving alignment design on mat

5.Digital printing on multispandex that stick on yoga mat

digital print yoga mat

6.Suede Yoga mat of super anti-slip performance, the more you swept the better it grips. With a lighter weight and great portability.

suede yoga mat

7.Logos are available in different styles

8.Colors are welcomed, low MOQ for existing colors.

Existing colors for your selection.

9.Different surface Pattern Designs available for your selection


10.Standard wrapped with color sleeve and OPP film. Can add strap and mesh bag.




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